Liquidate your Mary Kay today! – 7% shipping bonus thru 8.31.16

From now through August 31, you will receive a 7% shipping bonus for all products shipping to us between now and August 31. Don’t delay! As we get more people who want to liquidate, we have to start scheduling shipments and you don’t want that -you want your money asap.

So contact us today

If you have items that are not on our current list, please refer HERE.

Liquidate Mary Kay Products that are not on our current list!

We are now accepting products that are not on our current list (please email for a current list).

When you submit your own list it MUST be in EXCEL, or GOOGLE DOC SPREADSHEET only. We will not accept any other format.

What you need to provide:

The name of the product (for instance – “mineral eye color” — not each individual color)
RETAIL price


We pay approximately 10% of the retail price (some more, some less but it averages out to approximately 10%).